BP-3: Grader - From Youngstown, OH to Cauhtémoc, Mexico
BP-29: Excavator - From Oklahoma to Ohio
BP-066-102: Crane; From National City, CA to Selkirk, NY
BP-252: Tub Grinder - From Olympia, WA to Costa Rica
BP-258: From Olympia, WA to Big Bear, CA
BP-308: Excavator - From Denver, CO to Torreon, Mexico
BP-414: Dozers - From Orlando, FL to Spokane, WA
BP-435: Dump Truck - From Orlando, FL to Calexico, CA
BP-477: Scraper - From Baltimore, MD to National City, CA
BP-501: Dozer - From Atlanta, GA to Las Vegas, NV
BP-505: Agricultural Dryer Drum - From Missoula, MT to Quebec City, Canada
BP-512: Excavator - From Denver, CO to Torreon, Mexico
BP-639: Excavator - From Chicago, IL to Vancouver, WA
BP-642: Crane - From Chicago, IL to Monterey, Mexico
BP-660: Dozer - From Chicago, IL to Austin, TX
BP-665: From Orlando, FL to Fontana, CA
BP-797: Excavator - From Morrisville, PA to Commerce City, CO
BP-808: Dump Truck - From Atlanta, GA to Grants, NM
BP-896: Crane - From Grand Rapids, MI to West Virginia
BP-904: Crane - From La Salle, IL to Missoula, MT
BP-905: Crane - From Beaumont, TX to Altamira, Mexico
BP-920: Crane - From Newark, NJ to Altamira, Mexico
BP-923: Tubing Reels - From Panama City, FL to Canada
BP-939: Excavator - From Midlothian, TX to Commerce City, CO
BP-1086: Boiler - From Tuscon, AZ to Louisville, KY
BP-1210: Crane - From Mobile, AL to Breckenridge, MN
BP-2032: Tub Grinder - From Chicago, IL to Brownsville, TX
BP-3004a: Wood Chipper - From Lasalle, IL to Highgrove, CA
BP-3030: Conveyor - From Texas to Arizona
BP-3202: Crane - From San Diego, CA to Mexico
BP-3319: LPG Type Tanks - From Bartow, FL to Ackley, IA
BP-5104: Floating Dock - From Houston, TX to Seattle, WA
BP-5106: Dozer - From Midlothian, TX to Cayman Islands
BP-5116: From Sheldon, TX to Snowflake, AZ
BP-5242: Scraper - From Sacramento, CA to Saskatoon, SK, Canada
BP-6001: Crane - From Beaumont, TX to Mexico
BP-8002: Tub Grinder - From Jessup, MD to Sparks, NV
BP-8011a: Dump Truck - From Jessup, MD to Vancouver, BC
BP-8013a: Cement Plant - From Jessup, MD to Vancouver BC
BP-8406: Pressure Vessel - From Newberg, Oregon to Brunswick, Georgia
BP-9412a: Crane - From Fargo, ND to Needles, CA
IBP-0001: Dump Trucks - From Chattanooga, Tennessee to Tacoma, Washington
IBP-0002: Excavator - From Chattanooga, Tennessee to Tacoma, Washington
IBP-0006: LGP Type Tanks
IBP-0007: Electric Power Transformer - From Hawesville, KY to Kansas City, MO
IBP-0016: Wood Chipper - From Big Timber, MT to Dartmouth, NS
IBP-0031: Three Truck Cranes - Fontana, CA to Houston, TX
IBP-0034: Contactor - From Calgary, AB to Hattiesberg, MS
IBP-0037: Crane - Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
IBP-0043: Transformer - Hewesville, KY to Kansas City, MO
IBP-072-102: Crane from Lynchburg, VA to Duluth, MN
IBP-077: Mill House from Buffalo, NY to Norfolk, NE
IBP-8004-102: PC-400, PC-600 and PC-800 from Kitimat, BC to Portland, OR
JD101: Transformer - From Beijing, China to Duncan, BC