Shippers Info for SuperLoads Shipments

Welcome: If you are shipping or are consider shipping freight that includes Lloyd’s of London Cargo Insurance Coverage via SuperLoads we want you to know and have the following information.

SuperLoads is a NVOCC a Non Vehicle Owned Common Carrier, this status allows us to cross state and national borders seamlessly and as the name implies we do not own any Carriage Equipment, we hire the needed Equipment from other Carriers be it aircraft, ships, railcars and/or trucks.

You, our Shipper, become our Client - Cargo Owner and/or Agent. As our Client, together, we enter into a Contract for Freight Services and Transportation which becomes the Bill of Lading with you as our Client and SuperLoads as the Shipper of your Cargo under our Bill of Lading from the stated Origin to the stated Destination. Since we do not perform the Carriage or own the Equipment for Carriage we have no liability as to safe delivery of the Cargo as stated in our Bill of Lading.

For years as a courtesy to our Clients we would obtain Cargo Insurance if available and as requested from the various Carriers involved in the delivery of the Cargo, however, this was not possible by rail and our Clients were always self-insured for any loss in excess of the Carriers insurance coverage or railroad tariff’s limits of liability. When more than one Carrier was involved this became a very expensive cost.

As stated on the previous page we now have Cargo Insurance Coverage provided by Lloyd’s of London available upon request as described more fully below.

Cargo Covered: The Cargo listed and described on the SuperLoads Bill of Lading from Origin to Destination (Cargo Trip) is covered in accordance with the Lloyd’s of London Certificate of Coverage. SuperLoads subsequently Contracts separately with other Carriers for Equipment Rental and Transportation Services as required to transport the Cargo from an Origin to Destination that may be the Cargo Trip in its entirety or only a portion of the entire Cargo Trip.

Amount of Coverage: SuperLoads is authorized to approve up to $5,000,000 of Declared Value on a single Bill of Lading for one or more items of Lading, amounts exceeding this limit can be obtained upon individual request.

Declared Value: SuperLoads defines the Declared Value as CIFD+10%, that is Cargo plus Insurance plus Freight plus Duty and Taxes if Applicable plus 10%. You, our Client provide the values for the C-cargo and D-duties, we include the I, F and 10% portion to summarize the Declared Value Amount reflected in the Bill of Lading.

Cost: There is no cost or premium charges in addition to the total freight charges you have agreed to in the Bill of Lading. SuperLoads is charged by Lloyd’s of London for your cover, you will never receive a bill from either SuperLoads or Lloyd’s of London.

The reason there is a difference between freight charges for Cargo moving under a SuperLoads Bill of Lading without an Insurance Cover and the same with Cover is because there a number of factors that SuperLoads must undertake and include as required by Lloyd’s that we do not encounter without an Insurance Cover so those costs are not reflected in the total Freight Charges.

Literally, based upon SuperLoads reputation, Lloyd’s has entrusted SuperLoads to properly and safely supervise the handling of your Cargo from Origin to Destination via multiple Carriers as required and we take this job very seriously. We have a trained and Certified LoadMaster assigned to every covered shipment to provide the best protection possible for your Cargo.

Origin / Destination: Either can be any point of rest (POR) on the Globe, the issues that are considered and reflected in your Bill of Lading include the following:

  1. Is there more than one Mode of Transportation involved.
  2. Is there any lifting required / Non RO/RO
  3. Are there any Border Crossings
  4. Are there any water borne Vessels involved

Claims: In the SuperLoads Contract you appoint SuperLoads as your Agent for the shipment, and as your Agent we are authorized by Lloyd’s to submit all of the related documentation required to make a valid claim to Lloyd’s designated Claims Agent on your behalf. We remain your Agent and include in our Transportation Service and Cargo Risk Management Services this activity as part of our overall package of services under our Contract with you. Making a timely and valid claim as evidenced by the original documents is absolutely necessary for the claim to be honored. Due to the absolute nature of these requirements we handle these activities for you. Our services are completed and our Contract concluded upon the submission of the Claim and its related documentation as required. We will always be available to provide any further assistance that you may require until the claim is settled.

MISC. Although SuperLoads may ship the following SuperLoads will not provide Lloyd’s Cargo Cover for any of the following:

  1. Cargo of excessive; age, wear and/or poor general condition
  2. Cargo deemed by SuperLoads as fragile
  3. Liquids as stand alone Cargo or contained within Equipment Cargo
  4. Anything that requires a HazMat label for transport
  5. Any Cargo deemed by SuperLoads and/or Lloyd’s as unsuitable for coverage

For a full transcript of the SuperLoads Lloyd's of London cargo policy click here.

Thank You for considering SuperLoads for your Shipping Needs!

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