Cargo Insurance (CI) has been around for hundreds of years and in the beginning was issued for cargo transported on ocean going vessels. Today this coverage is individually available on most modes of cargo transport. One exception has been CI on RailRoads (RR) in North America and until today, insurance coverage for cargo transported by rail in North America was simply not available.

After two years of effort. SuperLoads is pleased and proud to announce that it has entered into an agreement with the most famous purveyor and largest provider of CI, Lloyd’s of London. SuperLoads can now provide, in accordance with this agreement Lloyd’s Cargo Coverage by rail, truck, vessel and/or air on a SuperLoads Bill of Lading from any Origin to any Destination.

The first rail shipment covered by Lloyd’s under this agreement was a shipment of eight (8) new Dump Trucks valued at $2,038,116, originating from Birmingham, AL and Destined to Tacoma, WA (see the shipment pictures), followed by a second shipment of four (4) excavators from the same origin and destination at a value of $1,239,920. The third shipment for sixty (60) excavators at a value of over $18,000,000 from Chattanooga, TN to Nova Scotia, Canada traveling under multiple Bills of Lading, these units were seamlessly covered without regard to the border crossing from the US to Canada.

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